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1445SDH 45" HYDRAULIC DUMP FORKLIFT BKT (slip-on-forks)

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Part Number:1445SDH 45" HYDRAULIC DUMP

This attachment has a possible lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. Please call for updated lead time - 877-611-0382 x 1133

Due to steel cost MUST CALL FOR QUOTE 

  • The Self Dump Bucket is perfect for anyone that wants to load loose materials and owns a forklift but doesn't own a loader. Installation is quick and easy. The bucket simply slips on the forks - no hydraulics- no modifications to the forklift. 
  • The 1/4 or 3/4 cuyd. capacity is an ideal size for the masonry supply, landscape supply or anyone that wants to load small quantities of sand, top soil. mulch. landscape materials, etc. It is also great for clean up work around an equipment or supply yard. 
  •  For the advertised listing fork size has to be 48' forks. For longer forks there is a additional cost .Please contact parts department for larger fork size cost . Larger forks sizes require a longer lead time (custom made ) . width of forks 4-5.5 inch heal cannot be over 2 3/4 thick .Standard 48 forks meet these dimensions .
  • Heavy duty construction and a dependable trip mechanism ensures long trouble free life. An affordable low cost makes this bucket easy to justify even for the occasional user.
  • Optional Hydraulic Dump is convenient and it provides precise control of the discharge. 
  • Frequently if the forklift is equipped with a hydraulic fork positioner, flow from that valve can be diverted to the bucket cylinder. 
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