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1472HB 72" FORKLIFT BUCKET - High Back (Quick-Tach)

Your Price: $2,845.00
Part Number:1472HB 72" BUCKET QT
This attachment has a possible lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. 
Please call for updated lead time - 877-611-0382 x 103
  • Reaches where loaders can't - Remove snow, elevate roof gravel , load sand & Gravel
  • Built to last as long as your forklift - Rugged heavy duty construction ensures long life.
  • Connects directly to the end of boom by means of the quick-tach thus providing a solid connection between the bucket and forklift.Specify forklift make and model when ordering QT Buckets.
  • Long forks are not a problem with the QT style because the forks and carriage are removed when the bucket is installed. Always choose the QT style bucket if the forks on your forklift are longer than 48"
  • More of the forklift's capacity is free to lift heavier loads. Dropping the forks and carriage saves 700 to 1,000 lbs.
  • Attaches directly to end of boom by means of forklift quick-tach
  • Available for most forklifts
  • Bucket approx. 35" deep

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